Monitoring and Maintenance

On-site parameter measurements

Measurements using portable equipment and indicator kits of the required parameters in each case: pH, redox, oxygen, conductivity, temperature, ammonium, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, free chlorine and total chlorine, which allows each treatment to be monitored and adapted instantly.

Calibration and cleaning of instruments

Comparison of the parameter values obtained with the portable devices with the values analysed using each plant’s instruments. This operation allows the measuring equipment to remain calibrated and ready for reading at all times to ensure it operates correctly.

Collection of samples

Collection of samples, either periodically or as needed according to each contract in order to improve purification. 24-hour automatic sampling service in order to proceed with the characterisation of any type of effluent that allows for the parameterisation and design of new facilities.

Monitoring of parameters and flow measurement

Collection and monitoring of different types of data that allow the plant to be controlled to the greatest extent possible, in addition to measuring flows and the chemical products used in order to improve the performance of the facility at all times.

Monitoring of facilities

Monitoring of facilities
Control of each facility in real time and remotely, which reduces the need for travel and allows for the quick and effective resolution of possible incidents in the shortest amount of time possible. Permanent stock of spare parts for immediate solutions.

Facility maintenance

Scheduling of personalised preventive maintenance for all equipment and structures to prevent deterioration and corrosion.

Technical advice (feedback)

Contact with the company’s staff is maintained at all times in order to report actions and improvements specific to the daily monitoring of the plant in order to detect and resolve any incidents that may arise.