Wastewater treatment

At Depurtech, we are specialised in the treatment of industrial wastewater with extensive experience in industries from different industries. We are used to working with food industries, slaughterhouses, leather industries, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries and textile industries, offering them a personalised service adapted to their needs in order to be able to treat their waters in the most productive and cost-effective way possible, in compliance with current regulations.

We design the hydraulic line of the treatment plant and also design and build bespoke equipment according to the water treatment data of each industry, in particular:

  • Fully equipped homogenisers.
  • Pre-treatments with different filters (scale filters, microfilter, rotofilter, etc.)
  • Physico-chemical treatments using flotation units.
  • Physico-chemical treatments through settling.
  • Biological treatments, specialising in NDN treatments.
  • Sludge dewatering treatments such as, for example, multi-disc screw press, centrifuge and filter press.

Treatment of liquid manure

At Depurtech, we also specialise in the removal of nitrogen from pig manure, cow manure and digestate from co-digestion plants that produce biogas. We provide new technologies in the treatment of liquid manure such as:

  • Treatment of liquid manure using the NDN system (SBR technology).
  • Initial vertical compactor separator.
  • Innovative sludge dewatering equipment (multi disc screw press).
  • Treatment of digestate from biogas plants.

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